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Gem Electric Car Parts Used in Electric Cars

Last updated 1 year ago

As anyone who has ever driven an electric car knows, these cars are different from fuel propelled ones. There are many different Gem electric car parts that make up this innovative and popular electric car. The electric car features a simpler driving system which provides them with the energy they need to drive around for reasonable periods of time.

The electric car is generally made up of three different electric parts, namely the battery, the motor and the controller. These different parts work together to provide the driver with a powerful yet economical vehicle that delivers great value for money. If you are interested in learning more about these different parts, then read on:

  • Electric Motor: Perhaps the most important of all Gem electric car parts, the electric motor is responsible for propelling the car. It is usually available in three types, the DC wound, AC motor and Permanent magnet DC. The most complex and efficient of the three is the AC motor and it is generally used in an electric car that requires a bit of extra power to climb over steep hills. The DC motor is the easiest motor to install but will produce less power than the AC motor.
  • The Battery: The second most important Gem electrical car part is the battery. While there are certain cars that make use of the standard battery as a source of energy, the more progressive cars make use of Ni batteries as a far more efficient source of energy. It can also provide an extra range of operation for the car. These batteries also need a lot less time to charge and will provide far more energy to the attached motor.
  • The Controller: This part is tasked with power management and it senses the amount of energy that is needed by the motor. It will then supply the energy directly from the battery to get the car moving. This part is incredibly important in the operation of the electric car as it synchronizes the operation of both the battery and the motor.

These are only a few of the important parts that make up the electric car. If you are looking to make a wise purchasing decision when buying Gem car parts look no further than Gem Car Parts Direct.


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